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mbrella brings flexible mobility solutions to your employees.

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We’re a B2B, back-office provider that enables flexible mobility in your company for all employees, with or without company cars.


Employers are currently facing multiple challenges. Employees continuously want to have more flexible wages as compared to standard one-size-fits-all packages. Attracting new talent is more difficult than ever. Mobility in Belgium (& beyond) is increasingly becoming an impeding factor for productivity as well as employee satisfaction.

Governments are also looking at all employers to offer better environmentally friendly mobility solutions.  Employers can play a crucial role in the solution of the two last problems while offering attractive options to their existing employees and to future prospects.


August 2019

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29, rue du Belvédère
1050 Brussels

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Bus : 70, 71, 60, 59, 38
Tram : 81

Bus : 366

Parking Flagey – Indigo
Place Eugène Flagey
1050 Brussels


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