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Improving mobility
of people and goods
in a scalable & sizeable
way, using Belgium
as a test market and
Europe as its playground


We Are Lab Box

Lab Box is a Belgian start-up accelerator focusing on the future of mobility. Lab Box has the ambition to promote and develop new mobility solutions that will make cities more liveable and enjoyable in the future. Belgium is one of the most congested countries in the world. This is one of the reasons why Lab Box decided to make this small but complex piece of land its living laboratory. In the coming years, the team will put all its energy to improve mobility of people and goods in a scalable & sizeable way. Lab Box is backed by D’Ieteren Auto, a company active in the automobile distribution and retail.


Moving mobility ahead

Connected mobility

The mobility of tomorrow will be connected. Whether people will move using their smartphone, connected cars or any device connected through IoT. Lab Box strongly believes that data will be the new oil. Data mastering will be the cornerstone of new business models in the future.

Autonomous mobility

Autonomous driving cars and shuttles will disrupt the mobility sector as much as the internal combustion engine did it in the past. For a fraction of the current taxi price, people will be able to move from A to B while enjoying in-car entertainment. Autonomous driving will create loads of new business opportunities in the coming years. Lab Box has the ambition to accelerate development of autonomous driving in Belgium.

Shared mobility

The sharing economy has already disrupted the tourism industry and will soon completely reshape the mobility sector. Millennials value usage over ownership and new business offerings will reflect this in the future. Lab Box will promote et develop shared mobility services and learn how to generate business out of it.

Electrical mobility

The future of urban mobility is electric. Lab Box strongly believes in clean and renewable energy and all the business opportunities that this historical shift will bring. From infrastructure development to energy storage, all industries will be affected by the electrified mobility of tomorrow.


There are many ways
to partner with Lab Box

Home-Grown initiative

Lizy | All-in used car leasing for SME and professionals

All-in used car leasing for SME and professionals.

Home-Grown initiative

MyMove | Smart fleet solution

Lab Box has initiated the development of a unique multi-vehicle corporate mobillity solution leveraging the Belgian mobility budget

Home-Grown initiative

Pikaway | Intermodality APP

Lab Box has initiated the development of a MaaS platform allowing routing, booking and payment for all types of mobility solutions.

Home-Grown initiative

Poppy | Car Sharing

Poppy has been launched in January 2018 with a fleet of 350 eco-friendly freefloating shared cars in the city of Antwerp.

Home-Grown initiative

Autonomous | Autonomous shuttles

Autonomous shuttles.

Academic Partnerships


Thanks to the sponsoring provided by Lab Box in 2017, the bachelor students of the ULB Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles have built miniature autonomous cars in the context of their year project.



Lab Box allowed a bike sharing startup to buy their first 150 e-bikes and pilot their bike-sharing project in Brussels.


Get to know the Lab Box team

photo de Dirk

Dirk Joos

Managing Director

photo de Michael

Michael Grandfils


photo de Valentin

Valentin Haarscher


photo de Rutger

Rutger Callewier


photo de Estelle

Estelle Desmit

Management Support

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